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Statistic for 'Free Computer Wallpapers'

Statistic for the past 7 days
18-11-2017 7
17-11-2017 5
16-11-2017 2
15-11-2017 0
14-11-2017 2
13-11-2017 0
12-11-2017 0

Statistic week-to-week (for the past month)
Number of weekVotes
1 week 7
2 week 11
3 week 9
4 week 9
5 week 6

Statistic year-to-year
2009 3929
2010 4318
2011 4040
2012 1360
2013 709
2014 1328
2015 426
2016 527
2017 477


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